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   The Galactic Enterprise and its related stories is the creative construct of one man; just one dream of a better world for all of humanity. The Galactic Enterprise is just one way we are trying to achieve that dream. This is a quest that asks if a for-profit company can endure if it seeks only the betterment of humanity and can it survive if it seeks to bring about the very thing that must destroy it?

   The Galactic Enterprise is about helping man take his next step in his collective evolution. We want to free the creative potential of humanity and then step back and watch what happens. We want to help people live better more qualitative lives. The Galactic Enterprise is about making dreams come true. Truly, our quest is one of galactic proportions.

   If one must dream, then dream big. Our dream, our goals, expand well beyond our abilities. But, the crime would be if we did not try at all, and so begins a ‘Galactic Enterprise.’

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