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   There are 20 of these rooms located throughout the ship.  So at any given time there are 19 mini-movie theaters playing different movies when the room is not in use for other things as this one is.

   If you tap on the view screen it will just take you to the Reverend's website.

A Part of the Story

   The Reverend stood up and put on the mask that had made him famous as the Lone Crusader for Christ.  Now, he had an Internet following, a television studio, and a seat on one of the greatest adventures in the history of man.  The Reverend was one of the minor funding sources for the Galactic Enterprise.  That bought him a ticket as the spiritual advisor on board the ship.  The Reverend played his audience as he proudly proclaimed himself to be, "...the one to take the Word of God to the Stars."

   The Reverend hated the hypocrisy for what he did in the name of God.  He wanted to spread the Good News to the world and he wanted to help people.  Somewhere during the long journey of life he had begun to doubt his call.  In bringing people to the saving knowledge of Christ, the Reverend had lost a little of his faith in helping so many others find faith.  Now, he was tired and beat down by trying to get people to help each other.  The Reverend hoped he could find the faith he had lost out among the stars.   At best he would have a large Internet following.  Financially, it meant the Company would get a boost as the Reverend was an old supporter and contributor to the Company.  To make this trip the Reverend signed over his Ministry's assets to the Company.  All the contributions to the Ministry went directly into the Company's account.

   Contrary to tabloid reporting the Reverend gave away all the money people gave him to maintain his Ministry.  He only kept back $700 a month to live on.  It was an easy thing to prove.  The millions the Reverend made on the lawsuit with the tabloids funded the research by the Company that led to the development of the Food Synthesizer.

   The synthesizer in his room was far more advanced than the first food synthesizer.  It could only plop out a mashed potato looking flavored goo.  It wasn't long before there were synthesizers that could make meals look and taste like real food.  The Reverend had a top of the line synthesizer installed in his small kitchen.  As if the Company would provide anything less.  All the food synthesizers on the Galactic Enterprise were first class.  Only staff and crew members had personal food synthesizers.  The students ate at the Galactic Kitchen, the only dining room onboard the Galactic Enterprise.  The Reverend thought the Starfighters had their food synthesizer system set up in a similar manner.

   The Reverend did not worry that the Company would misuse Ministry funds.  They were busy developing a portable medical center similar to the Company's Seed Pods; containers filled with all the tools needed to rebuild small villages destroyed by natural disasters.

   The Reverend worried about his faith as he worried about all the people in need on the planet below.  Somehow it all kept coming back to money and the hypocrisy of using religion to achieve one's goals, namely the acquisition of money.  The hypocrisy of being the spiritual guidance officer when he doubted his own faith was not lost on the Reverend either.

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