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   This is our last stop the Engineering Section of the Galactic Enterprise.

   They are all about power here. Ten very large solar panels supply all the power needed to run this ship and then some. The truth is that this close to the sun any one of the panels is enough to power this ship but when we move farther away from the sun the drop in power necessitates the need for the additional panels.

   This entire ship is run on 24 volts or less and many of the ship's systems only need 12 volts. It staggers the mind when you think about how little power a ship this size needs when compared to a house back on Earth. A single family house on a 220/110 system almost can consume more power than this entire ship. We can do this because all our systems are low voltage systems. None of the entertainment systems in any of the rooms need more than 12 volts to operate.

   The people on Earth have become slaves to the power companies who are terrified at the thought of every house on the planet independently powered. That is a something well within the reach of everyone on the planet if they can get past the bureaucracy that keeps them slaves. Here on the Galactic Enterprise we have no room for that kind of excess baggage that humanity has saddled themselves with.


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