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  Level 3 of the Habitat Section houses most of the residents, students, instructors, and other personnel of the space station.  Habitats in space are much different from what you are used to on Earth.  Space is limited, water is rationed, and air is filtered.  There is no room for mistakes in space.  Everybody will have to get along and cooperate with one another.  We will have to leave our petty differences and bigotry behind on Earth.  Space has its own built-in stress factors; we don't need to bring a lot of excess personal baggage with us.

   If we take all the stress we have on Earth with us.  We will go nuts in short order, and we'll never get beyond the confines of our own solar system.  We may never even get to the moon in terms of building a city there.  What can be learned here?  The people that go into space must be the sanest of the sane, and even then if you subject them to undo stress they may take out a gun and start shooting.  When you live and work in a vacuum, and something like that happens, it can kill everyone.  If we are to launch ourselves into space then we cannot take the stresses we have created on Earth with us.  A little stress helps to keep us sharp.  A lot of stress can kill you, and we shouldn't have to leave the confines of this planet to learn that.

   Part of the Galactic Enterprise goals is to study stress in an enclosed habitat.  This has always been an included part of our research facility.  Business, entertainment and recreation, housing, schools and medical facilities all under one roof.  Something like this is what we hope you will be able to visit one day on Earth.

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