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   “Captain if you will excuse me I need to get back to work,” the service ‘droid said.

   Decker glanced at the number on the android. “You’re the hypochondriac,” he said.

   “I beg to differ Captain. Androids cannot be hypochondriacs.”
   “How many times have you been in here this week?”
   “And how many last week?”
   “And the week before that?”
   “The week before that?”
   “Do I need to go on?” Decker asked.

   “I like to be in tip top shape Captain,” the service ‘droid replied.

   “So you come in for a checkup every time you hear a squeak,” Decker said. “If you are not a hypochondriac then I’d say you have a thing for our good doctor here.”
   “Most certainly not!”

  “Even if you are not, I hear her boyfriend is the real jealous type. He might not like you stalking the good doctor.”

   But, I’m not stalking anybody,” the android protested.

   “I completely understand, but her boyfriend isn’t very understanding, either. You might want to keep the office visits down to once a month or more, just in case,” Decker said as he stepped out of the doorway.

   “Just in case of what?”

   “Let’s just say, I don’t want to find what’s left of your body in some broom closet.”


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