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   The moment she reattached power to his head Rez woke up. “Why can I not move?” he asked.

   “Right now I am jamming the wireless signal that controls the rest of your body until I can finish putting you back together,” Susan replied. “So don’t try to move until I’m done.”
   “What happen? I remember I was flying…”
   “That was falling not flying Rez,” Pax interrupted. “To fly you have to go the other way.”
   “They told me I would fly faster if I ran the other way.”
   “And you believed them?” Pax asks incredulously.

   “They said a real boy could do it,” Rez replied somewhat downhearted.

   “Rez have you been reading Pinocchio again?” Susan asked as she snapped on one of the spring clips that held his head on.

   “I keep telling you you will never be a flesh and blood boy, but you are already a real boy where it counts,” Susan said as she tapped on his metal noggin.

   “But you’re part flesh and blood, why can I not be like you?” Rez asked.

   “Rez, I was born human and it was a terrible accident that caused me to become the creature I am today; not fully human and not fully machine either,” Susan replied. She still remembered losing control of her car on the overpass one winter morning and crashing through the guard railing and landing in the path of semi truck on the highway below. That she survived at all was a miracle, a blessing she did not count. She lost both her legs, her left arm and her left eye and ear.

   “At least you became part of what you wanted to be,” Rez said not really fully comprehending what Susan was trying to tell him.

   “No Rez I didn’t,” she said bitterly. “I never wanted to be a machine and I’d give anything to have all my parts back so I could have a normal life again. I hate the way people stare at me and pity me. At least you are what you started out to be and can go on to become something better but you will never have to worry about becoming a monster like what I have become. You will always be a boy and you’ll never grow up. I envy that of you.”
   “I want to grow up Susan.”
   “Rez, read Peter Pan instead of Pinocchio.” Some part of her understood how the little robot felt. Susan put the last clip in place that held the robot’s head on. When she was done she went back through and micro welded all his joint clips in place. He would be a little tougher to break now.



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