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Solar System Monitors

Average Distance from the Sun

Metric: 108,208,930 km

English: 67,237,910 miles

Perihelion (closest)

Metric: 107,476,000 km

English: 66,782,000 miles

Aphelion (farthest)

Metric: 108,942,000 km

English: 67,693,000 miles

Equatorial Radius

Metric: 6,051.8 km

English: 3,760.4 miles

Equatorial Circumference

Metric: 38,025 km

English: 23,627 miles


Metric: 928,400,000,000 km3


Metric: 4,868,500,000,000,000,

000,000,000 kg


Metric: 5.24 g/cm3

Surface Area

Metric: 460,200,000 km2

English: 177,700,000 square miles

Equatorial Surface Gravity

Metric: 8.87 m/s2

English: 29.1 ft/s2

Escape Velocity

Metric: 37,300 km/h

English: 23,200 mph

Sidereal Rotation Period (Length of Day)

-243 Earth days (retrograde)

-5832 hours (retrograde)

Sidereal Orbit Period (Length of Year)

0.615 Earth years

224.7 Earth days

Mean Orbit Velocity

Metric: 126,077 km/h

English: 78,341 mph

Orbital Eccentricity


Orbital Inclination to Ecliptic

3.39 degrees

Equatorial Inclination to Orbit

177.3 degrees

Orbital Circumference

Metric: 675,300,000 km

English: 419,600,000 miles

Minimum/Maximum Surface Temperature

Metric: 462 °C

English: 864 °F

Atmospheric Constituents

Carbon dioxide 96%

Nitrogen 3+%

Other less than 1%