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Solar System Monitors

Average Distance from the Sun

Metric: 57,909,175 km

English: 35,983,095 miles

Perihelion (closest)

Metric: 46,000,000 km

English: 28,580,000 miles

Aphelion (farthest)

Metric: 69,820,000 km

English: 43,380,000 miles

Equatorial Radius

Metric: 2,439.7 km

English: 1,516.0 miles

Equatorial Circumference

Metric: 15,329.1 km


Metric: 60,827,200,000 km3

English: 14,593,200,000 mi3


Metric: 330,220,000,000,000,

000,000,000 kg


Metric: 5.427 g/cm3

Surface Area

Metric: 74,800,000 km2

English: 28,900,000

square miles

Equatorial Surface Gravity

Metric: 3.7 m/s2

English: 12.1 ft/s2

Escape Velocity

Metric: 15,300 km/h

English: 9,500 mph

Sidereal Rotation Period (Length of Day)

58.646 Earth days

1407.5 hours

Sidereal Orbit Period (Length of Year)

0.241 Earth years

87.97 Earth days

Mean Orbit Velocity

Metric: 172,341 km/h

English: 107,088 mph

Orbital Eccentricity


Orbital Inclination to Ecliptic

7 degrees

Equatorial Inclination to Orbit

0 degrees

Orbital Circumference

Metric: 356,000,000 km

English: 221,000,000 miles

Minimum/Maximum Surface Temperature

Metric: -173/427 °C

English: -279/801 °F

Atmospheric Constituents



Oxygen 15%

Other 1%