Meet Our Robots

   “Except for the battle ‘droid these are the different kinds of androids on the ship. The first android on the left is a general purpose android and can carry very heavy loads. You will find these throughout the ship doing various tasks some of which could be hazardous to humans.”

   “The second one on the left is a service android. He is basically a robotic butler and sees to the personal needs of the passengers and crew.”

   “The last android is a companion robot for the children onboard the ship. His job is to play with and watch over the children and keep them out of trouble.”

   “You will find that some of the androids have names and are beginning to show signs of independent thought processes. For that reason the Captain and I ask that you show all the androids the respect due any individual. Some of them can be very sensitive so please be nice to all of them.”

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