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Habitat Section

This section of the Galactic Enterprise houses the sleeping quarters, laboratories, classrooms, the medical section, the main dinning area called the Galactic Kitchen and other eateries, various entertainment and other recreational areas, the ship's chapel which is also available online, and aeroponics along with the main life-support system are located in this section of the ship. The ship's computer core is also in this section of the ship.

This section of the ship rotates creating various degrees of gravity with zero gravity at the core. The maximum rotational or angular velocity for generally accepted human comfort levels is 2 rpm creating .46 earth normal gravity in the outer rings. Normally, we rotate at 1.7 rpm which creates .33 earth normal gravity. We could rotate at 2.94 rpm to create earth normal gravity.

Command Section Habitat Section Communication Section Communications Section Habitat Section Command Section
Current Status: Green  Body Temp.: 98.6 Respiration Rate: 14 Pulse Rate: 72 Blood Pressure: 115/70

This panel can be moved or turned off

Life Monitor
Ship Computer Spaceport Shuttleport
Ship Status Solar System Monitors